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"I've stayed in over Sixty Countries and have lived in Ten..."

I’ve been a serious entrepreneur and world traveler all of my adult life. My travel experience started during my college days when I was working with the Social and Child Welfare Services between New York and California. I used to take time out to travel, enjoying the most beautiful parts of the West Coast, and the equally beautiful areas of Oregon and Washington as often as possible.

My fashion roots started in the Garment district of Manhattan, New York, working for well-known designers such as Diane von Furstenberg on their fashion collections in the area of production and duplication. With this hands-on experience, I decided to start my own fashion line, a small collection of New Wave fashion reflecting the partying night life surrounding Studio 54 /Limelight/ CBGB/Garage/ The Church/rock bands. This led to the creation of my own fashion boutique Scandal-Lust located in Staten Island, New York. Being a New Yorker and a world traveler, I’m always looking for the unusual quality in fashion as each country has its own style that makes a statement. Living in Izmir, Turkey my friends introduced me to fabric that was so beautifully unique. I was so inspired by this fabric’s good workmanship, quality, & great design patterns that I decided to use my Stylist background and work with my associates to start my own formal unique men’s fashion line.


Read more about my travels on the Travel page, and send us a message on the Contact page to receive news of my upcoming book!

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