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"I've stayed in over Sixty Countries and have lived in Ten..."

   I’ve been a serious entrepreneur and world traveler all my adult life. My travel experience started during my college days when I was working with the Social and Child Welfare Services between New York and California.

I used to take time out to travel, enjoying the most beautiful parts of the West Coast, and the equally beautiful areas of Oregon and Washington as often as possible.


   As my passion for traveling became more intensified I made a move to Waikiki Beach (Honolulu) as a partner in an Hawaiian Art Gallery. I loved to visit Maui during my free time, the volcanoes, the humpback whales and other wonders for five amazing consecutive years! I made short trips exploring the people and culture and also volunteered my services at Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children. During this period I visited magical Asian places such as Bali, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, just to name a few.


   Traveling tastes change and mature with age. While a solo backpacking adventure may have great allure in your 20s it can be downright exhausting in your 40s or older.


   I made my first relocation from the United States to Europe, with the idea of working my way around the continent. I started off living in Scandinavia and worked in Stockholm at a School of Special Education for children with special needs, and then on to a similar position in Copenhagen . After a few really cold winters I moved to Central and Eastern Europe. Germany, Poland and of course France. All different historical landmarks, culture and architectural designs. I then moved on to Milan and Rome, following the sun east to Athens and the Greek islands, I found myself among wild horses, wild places, racing through the Greek islands admiring beautiful but endangered sea turtles, exploring cobbled streets and the Acropolis of Athens. I lived a mix of frugality and luxury, a never to be forgotten experience.


   I returned to New York, choosing another path to follow my new creative mindset. I wanted to support myself and enjoy my new passion for travel. I moved to Manhattan and began working in the beauty and fashion industry. I had the opportunity to work for a French company which had a substantial fragrance and skin care line. Magically Oprah mentioned the fragrance on her TV show which helped to promote us to a top brand. That experience gave me opportunities to travel on business and pleasure for the next 15 years .

   I took a time out, and moved to North Cyprus where I had spent many happy summer months over the years. During my transition I visited Israel, checked out Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem and many other historical places...I traveled through Egypt and lived there for one year, along the Nile, Cairo, Luxor then Aswan to spend time with the Nubian people. It is said once you drink the waters of the Nile you will return and find your calling. Since then I have never looked back


    It was an incredibly amazing experience which helped in completely changing my life, to become a Free Spirit Traveler.


   Free Spirit Planet, a Transformation Destination Retreat for like minded adventurous people. I would like to find a way to share my experience and blessings, to create a destination journey. For the young or not so young, but with spirit and energy we may all move to see the world..

Calvin Campbell

Travel Mentor

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